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Learn Violin and Cello at Home with Private Violin and Cello Teachers

Learn violin and cello with experienced instructors and show your talent to the world. In-person sessions are provided, but you can join our virtual sessions and learn how to play the instrument in your comfort.

At the Art Development School of Music (Ar-De-School of Music), we support students learning different instruments and art forms. With extensive experience in shaping young students’ lives and careers, we offer music classes for anyone willing to develop essential life skills through arts.

We offer cello and violin lessons in California. Our cello instructor in California will help you learn how to play the cello and sharpen your skills to the extent that you can make it a career later. If you’re interested in learning violin instead of cello, you can connect with our private violin teachers.


Never been to a violin or cello class before? Have no idea of how to play the instrument? No worries! We will teach you the basics, so you get to learn it from the beginning and not feel confused when attending a workshop or webinar next time.


Knowing how to play an instrument is one thing, and playing it like a pro is the other. We try our best to put our students in the latter category that enables them to pursue their passions for violin or cello and showcase their art to their audience without feeling shy or stuck.


While learning an instrument, you get to connect with new like-minded souls. Some of these connections may stay with you for life. Could there be something better?


As you learn new techniques, you grow as an artist. What’s more? You make new friends who may have their unique playing styles and help you explore something new every day.

Connect with us for virtual or in-person violin and cello sessions

At Ar-De-School of Music, we embrace individuality and allow our students to learn at their own pace. It helps us make our school a better place for students of all levels and provide a positive learning environment. You get to learn your favorite instrument with us while making new friends sharing similar interests and abilities. Reach out to us to learn violin or cello today.