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Singing Lessons for All Skill Levels

The Art Development School of Music (Ar-De-School of Music) opened its doors in November 1994 for budding vocalists and music enthusiasts across every age to nurture and drive their passionate calling for music. The school stands apart from its contemporaries to integrate educational growth and development through the enjoyment of art that boosts maturity in one's creative thinking and expression.

Why Sign Up Your Kid for Singing Lessons?

Any talent is a gift of God, and it's up to us to nurture it through our dedication, discipline, and efforts. Apart from the recreational aspect and musical sharpening skills, singing lessons also help build strong character and integrity. It builds discipline, boosts creativity, sharpens cognitive skills, and improves overall mood. If your child has an innate ability to sing, choosing an appropriate program will help them develop a good personality for more confident beings.

Ar-De-School Singing Lessons

For Beginners

Our expert-curated beginner program for amateur singers and aspiring vocalists involves fundamentals of singing that include learning about breath control, posture, diction, and voice modulation. Our certified instructors from recognized art universities guide the students through their early stages of voice progression, pitch training, developing timbre, and maintaining a steady tempo. Our patented Ar-De-School method builds proficiency through customization that focuses on individual growth and performance rather than the generic group class method.

Ar-De-School Singing Lessons

For Intermediate and Advanced

Our intermediate and advanced program offers professional voice training and singing lessons that help experienced practitioners unlock their fullest potential. The program aims at making an individual more intelligent, disciplined, and effective performer while equipping one with the skills required to make a song their own. Our vocal instructors focus on techniques that will help build students on their existing musical repertoire through in-depth voice, lyric and melodic analysis.

Ar-De-School Singing Lessons

For Intermediate and Advanced

Grow Your Musical Prowess While Staying Safe

Considering the effects of the global pandemic, Ar-De-School is offering virtual lessons as an alternative to one-on-one experiences to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff. We strive to provide the same quality training and expert attention while social distancing to unveil one's confident vocal self regardless of their current skill level.

Our vocal programs are ideal for ages 9 through adults

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