Music Lessons, School in Bellflower California

RESLI BAGAYGAY | Piano Instructor

resli bagaygay
Resli Bagaygay, a bachelor's degree of the California State University in Long Beach was awarded the certificate of "Outstanding Achievement in Keyboard" and a recipient of the Daniel Cariaga Scholarship under the tutelage of Craig Richey.

Resli began his music education at age nine and continued his piano lessons attending the annual AFNA Competition (Accordion Federation of North America) winning the Piano Count 15, Piano Duke, and Piano Virtuoso Competition during the years 2000-2007.

In 2007 as Resli prepared for his college entrance audition, he won the first place and gold medal award in the Sonata Festival sponsored by CAPMT-MTNA (California Association Professional Music Teachers – Music Teachers National Association) District 8, Concordia University, Irvine, California.

As an experienced piano teacher, Resli's goal in teaching is to help each student understand the fundamental aspects of music through real world experiences which may involve a variety of topics such as sports, video games, and movies.

Having received various methods of instruction through different teachers through the course of his music education, Resli pursues to make each lesson intelligent and fun. #